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Correspondent: Lee Gambin
Info: Film historian and author

USA review - In the year leading up to the 1904 St. Louis World's Fair, the four Smith daughters learn lessons of life and love, even as they prepare for a reluctant move to New York director - Vincente Minnelli genre - Comedy release year - 1944. So much credit to Vincente Minnelli, too. What artistry in that mis en scene.

Download Movie Le chant du missouri state. VAAAAALLL. I can hold any note longer than you she did round breathing, watch cclosely and you can see she takes a breath while she is holding the note, quite facinating. They made some wonderful movies back then. Download Movie Le chant du missouri. Over cropped picture and movie speed is too fast, but thank you for trying to share this anyway.


Download Movie Le chant du missouri river. My great uncle was in this. Download Movie Le chant du. Love this movie. Download movie le chant du missouri star. Download Movie Le chant du missouri department. This is one of my favorite scenes in the movie. There are few things I love more than Donald O'Connor in 1080p. Mesmerizing...

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I am so enjoying these films with Gracie Fields and Monty Woolley. and in this one, Mrs. Thurston Howell III, herself, Natalie Schafer. I'm an old film lover, and so surprised that I had never known of Gracie Fields! They're very enjoyable and funny. Thank you so much for uploading this. And, by doing it in a loving way and not a forceful way, she eventually gets her way as they end up staying in St. Louis and not moving to New York by the end of the movie. Ok tell me why musicals are not as popular today as back then? I know we got Disney, and a few new musicals. Like the greatest showman. But nothing like the old classics. Did anyone else hear someone shout Hi Judy! at 2:28.

Arguably the most beautiful song ever written. As someone who creates content, do you think there's a solution for middle class content creators? It seems that they're the most hurt by piracy, yet free-culture proponents almost exclusively focus on large corporations. Kickstarter, Indie Go-Go, and their brethren aren't picking up that slack- tales of success seem to be the outliers, and many of the poster-children (Radiohead, Amanda Palmer, etc. ) rely on past success and marketing dollars. So, will this pick up, and will there be a middle class of creators? Or are we now living in a world of (sometimes skilled, but still) amateurs? This is a smart question and demands a much longer answer than i can give here. but the short of it in my opinion is that it's a misunderstanding to assume it's harder for 'middle class artists' in this climate. it's always been very very hard. there have always been obstacles and gatekeepers. the digital landscape has opened many many doors and closed some doors. it's in many ways easier, but you still need that magic combo of talent, tenacity and luck. Man I'm sorry but I've gotta happened to you man? Why did Keanu make it out and why did you disappear into obscurity? Haha. not an offensive question at all. I quit acting professionally in 94, after Freaked to focus on writing and directing. I'd been acting professionally since I was 10 years old and I wanted out of the public eye. It's really only been in the last couple of years that i've intentionally been slipping back in front of the camera. But I think it's important for child actors to spend time away from constant exposure. I tell a lot of kids this in that field. Be honest…has Keanu admitted his immortality to you? I could tell you but then I'd have to kill you. And then he would drink your blood and live for another millenia... Did you buy any Bitcoins before they blew up in value recently? Haha, I did not. The Winklevoss twins got them all:) Since George Carlin has died, will there be some new character coming in to replace Rufus in helping the Wyld Stallyns? We've spent a lot of time and thought on making this work. all i can say right now:) On a scale of 1 to 10, how likely is it that B&T 3 will be financed and actually get made? I'd say 10 but it's Hollywood... so 9. 9? Did you ever use the SR before it went down? I honestly did not. I am a dull family man and most of what i need to purchase online can be found in the toddler section of Amazon:) Your stepmom is cute. Remember when she was a senior and you were a freshman? Do You get BnT references constantly and do they annoy you? No, thankfully I like the movies a lot. I have some friends who acted in movies that they can't shake that they hated. that is an existential nightmare from which one can never awaken! Thanks for doing this AMA, and for being part of one of my all-time favorite films. You've been quoted as saying "[Bill and Ted] was a happy accident. No one thought it would ever see the light of day. " Could you expand on that? Both BnT movies were made independently. The first one was really low budget and kind of under the radar when we made it. then it sat on a shelf for a year after being made, when the producing company went belly up. So we kind of gave up on it. Then it was bought up and released and was a big hit:) What was it like working with Mr. T? Is his public persona accurate as to who he really is? It is! Exactly! He's a really great person, into community outreach and helping people. A wonderful guy. When will we have a new Bill and Ted to watch any plot details You can share? What got You so interested in Bitcoin? Also, Thank You for being so Excellent! Party On! I first got interested in Bitcoin in '09, when it magically appeared out of the ether. Much like Napster appeared out of nowhere 10 years prior. I recognized that Bitcoin felt like the next big thing to come out of peer-to-peer. What can I do to get into the Bitcoin World. I don't know much about it. Start at that will lead the way. Do you think the Tor network is forever tainted due to the Silk Road takedown, or does it still remain a viable method of obtaining true anonymity on the Internet? Absolutely not. SR accounts for a tiny fraction of TOR use and is not going to impact Bitcoin much either in the long run. As Wozniak so perfectly put it, you don't shut down the whole highway when one car is speeding. What was the funnest thing about making The Lost Boys? Having dirt kicked into my eyes by the two Coreys in my death scene. Actually it wasn't funny at the time; i had full eye contacts in and my cornea got scratched. had to go the hospital. Loved those guys tho... Any cool memorabilia you kept from Bill and Ted? I had my evil robot head from BnT 2, but it eventually rotted. I used it as a doorstep. My kids loved it:) What motivated you to be one of the first films to educate those about the online blackmarket? why exactly do you need the funding from the kickstarter? Because, like the Napster story, there is a lot of noise but not a lot of context. I think we need some context and our film will be one form of providing that. We are using Kickstarter for some of the funding in order to begin to build our community for the film. We want people's input, the changes occurring through the Web are part of a global movement. Are you actually going to provide any information we don't already know from all that's been written about this? Is this just a movie version of a bunch of news articles? Our doc is an expansive examination of a movement that began decades ago and is now hitting a peak of global impact. we are interviewing the core players in this story. It's not the kind of thing news articles do in any capacity. join our kickstarter, be part of the process and of the movie's community:) How did you do research for the script? How did you get a script just a few weeks after SR was busted? It's a documentary:) Alex, as someone who studied Napster so much for Downloaded, what would Bill & Ted have thought of it: Most Excellent or Non-Triumphant? They would have said 'huh??? ' Is a melvin a synonym for wedgie, or a completely different maneuver executed from the front? You answered your own question:)) Is there any fond memory that stands out from making The Lost Boys? Honestly the most fun i ever had 'working'. Joel Schumacher knows how to create an amazing environment to work in. It's one of my fondest memories of my crazy youth! :) On the kickstarter page, under the "Silk Road" header, the phrase "trading mostly in drugs and weapons" is used. Don't you feel that claiming that weapon sales were a large part of the silk road's operations is misleading? especially since weapon sales were specifically banned from the site shortly after its creation? Certainly the part about mostly trading in drugs is spot on, but also weapons? Come on, that's just untrue. Sorry if that seems misleading. As the Armory only lasted a year. But SR was built for that purpose wherever it ultimately landed. I don't know if you remember me, but I went to school with your son in LA, me and my brother stayed at your house a few times. Kinda funny how I never got to thank you for being so excellent in Bill and Ted back then, so I figured I'd do it now! Hey Dante! Hope you guys are well! I suppose I should ask a question, so what drew you to the idea of the deep web? What made you want to make this movie? The Deep Web lies at the heart of the digital revolution, that has impacted every corner of our lives. There are huge changes that have occurred in the last decade, and many more around the corner. Examining the Deep Web in detail allows us to closely examine this revolution and its implications. Do you think that the high prices that bitcoins are experiencing right now is actually a bad sign, since it indicates instability? Where do you think the value of Bitcoins will ultimately fall once the bubble bursts? No one knows where it will settle. It's not unlike gold in this regard. But once it's been around a bit longer and more people are taking it, the value will increase within that framework but not in such a wild manner. this form of currency is here to stay, of that there is no question. How did people find silk road online? That always boggled my mind, because I assume it wasn't as easy as googling it haha Did you have to like, "know" someone in the business to gain membership? It's not hard to find these sites, it's just dangerous. don't go hunting for scorpions unless you are prepared to get stung. So Deep Web... Do you have a script already? Are you dealing with the actual events, or fictionalizing them? If the former, are you worried about having to pay folks for rights? If you have a script, how does it toe the line between being too simplified to please the target demo/actually tell the story and too esoteric for the mass market? It's a feature documentary. please join our kickstarter:) I don't think the story is too esoteric at all, just as the details of the Napster story weren't. These are universal stories about global communities. How much about the deep web did you investigate? I have done some looking into it recently and there is some pretty disgusting stuff out there. To be honest I kind of wish I never heard about it. Silk road is only the tip of the iceberg and to me doesnt seem like that big of a deal compared to some of the other stuff out there like the hitmen websites and human dolls for sale etc. What is your take on the rest of it outside of silk road? There is a lot of dark and horrible stuff in the Dark Web. The Deep Web is a much broader world, and in my view needs to be understood as separate from the much smaller Dark Web, and in need of protection. When did you get into directing? I realize I could easily find this out on IMDB but it's just cooler to ask the source! Hah, thanks for asking! I actually went to NYU film school to study directing before I acted in all the movies. It's always been one of my passions. I started directing professionally in about 86. Shooting music videos and commercials and then our show on MTV, The Idiot Box. So I'm guessing MTV/Viacom or somesuch own the DVD rights to The Idiot Box? There was a fair amount of comedy from that era of MTV that I'd love to be able to watch again… MTV owns it... why no DVD... yet... What was it like working with a big star like Larry "bud" Melman? He was awesome of course. RIP. Wait, does Satoshi = Stations??? Ahhh you cracked the code!!! Excellent job on Downloaded! I enjoyed remembering a time in the not so distant past when 'regular people' could not envision a world in which their music lived on a computer. Today, regular people cannot envision a world in which their money lives on a computer. I was also surprised to learn about your early connection with the world of MP3s. Could you elaborate on what you think we can learn about Bitcoin based on your experiences with Napster and the MP3 scene in the late 90's? The world is responding to Bitcoin and a new awareness of the Deep Web much like they responded to Napster, with fear and demonizing. Our film aims to put these things in some context. What made you want to do this documentary? I've been following the story myself and it's certainly one worth following but how did you yourself first get interested in the topic? I have been interested in global web-based communities and emerging technologies since the mid 80's. There is a revolution occurring in global culture at the moment, that will change everything. and it's only just beginning. what's not interesting about that?? :) I don't have a question but Excellent Adventure made me who I am today. Thank you. Fuck it, uh. Do you agree that Cinnamon Toast Crunch is hands down the best cereal? My kids do. it's evil. off, I want to thank you for posting my Rasta Eyeball with a machine gun tattoo on your blog. It made getting it completely worth it. I just want to know which of the characters from Freaked is your favourite? Stuey Gluck!! And your tat is amazing! Hello there, thanks for doing this! I just wanted to ask if by making a movie that sheds light on the dark web/bitcoins etc. It will shed more light on an area of the web that generally dislikes the attention. In other words could it create a misaprehension of the mission and possible positive effects the darkweb community tries to provide? I think the current media spin has that effect; in that it tends to paint the entire deep web and bitcoins and cryptography with a negative brush. this is both inaccurate and destructive. Our movie does not paint dark things in a positive light, it gives context to the entire arena. Will the Silk Road be back? Also, can you say hi to my smokin hot babe Sherry? It is back. Hey Alex, A quick glance at your wikipedia page has made me realise you directed Knock Me Down by RHCP! Did you have much contact with the band? How was it working with them? Thanks for the AMA; Looking forward to B&T3! I love the chili's and have known them for decades. they are still great, but in the mid 80's when I had the fortune of doing some work with them, it is hard to quantify how amazing they were. the best live act on the road, by far!! So when are you planning to bless the world with Bill & Ted 3? Soon as we get it up and running! If you could star in any movie from any time, what movie would it be and what role would you have and why? Buster Keaton in anything probably. No one in the movies ever had a better time. So what is the "untold" story of Bitcoin/Silk road? Isn't most of it public knowledge by now? Or we'll we have to wait and see the movie? You don't have to wait if you join our Kickstarter and become part of the making of the movie! It is hardly public knowledge as no one has framed this story up yet in one film, and the story itself is unfolding every day. :) What was the most surprising thing you found out about the Silk Road? That's in the movie:) Hey Alex, What will Deep Web be like? Sort of a CNN special or does it have a bigger ambition, i. e. are you making it on a scale for wide distribution in movie theaters? If the latter, what documentaries would you compare it to in terms of style and storytelling? Our doc has a broader ambition than reportage. We are making a film about a technological revolution that has been brewing for decades. Hm, don't know you but this does sound interesting. When can we expect this movie to come out? Anything interesting about these topics you learned? Every day I learn something new and fascinating. We hope to finish within the next year. Join our kickstarter and be part of our community:) What ''good'' is there in the deep web? I only hear stories about horrific things like drugs, black market stuff, assassins, etc. Also, were you fortunate enough to had invested in bitcoin in it's early stages? The Deep Web is being demonized somewhat in the press, which is a misunderstanding of what it is. DW represents all content on the web that is not indexed. this doesn't mean people are doing bad things. it means they are unseen. the Dark Web is a term that has come to characterize people who use the web for illicit means. the dark web represents a fraction of the Deep Web. On your Kickstarter campaign, you say, "Bitcoin has the potential to create a level of global disruption that will make Napster look like child's play. " Can you expand on that? BitCoin is a peer to peer crypto-currency. Like any peer to peer technology it is decentralized and operated by a wide user base spread across the net. As such it is here to stay, and being an unregulated currency that exists outside the control of banks and governments, it is poised to have a massive impact on the world. That's what I mean:) Why are you focusing on the darker side of the deep web instead of the good side? Its virtues clearly outweigh the illegal stuff. As someone who appreciates the privacy benefits of Bitcoin, TOR and the Deep Web, I am concerned about the public's disproportionate focus on its negative and illegal uses. Do you plan to address this bias at all? Question 1: I am absolutely not only focusing on the dark side of the Deep Web. In fact one of my key points is that the Deep Web is misrepresented, and inaccurately represented. It is mostly just a reference to all the content on the web that is not indexed. Most of which is not dark and a lot of which is frankly boring private data:) Are you accepting Bitcoin for the financing of this film? If not, why not? Again, thanks for doing this, but I am concerned that your focus on the negative side of TOR will continue to twist the public's perception in the wrong direction. 2: We will absolutely be accepting BTC for the movie. But Kickstarter does not accept BTC so we are doing that separately. Stay tuned! 3: Yes the bias is a big problem and we will debunk the myths, just as I did with Downloaded. People like to hold onto their preconceptions tho, so I have no illusions about turning the world around:) A lot of people loved my Napster movie, but there were many in the mainstream press who were outraged that I didn't spend more time castigating the Napster architects for being thieves who created piracy software, when clearly that is not the truth, just the well-spun myth. but myths die hard. How concerned are you with getting all the details right? You plan to talk about things happening in the more obscure and less legal parts of the Internet. The people who use those parts of the Internet are often pretty knowledgeable about the fine technical details, and are annoyed when people get them wrong. Even the term "Deep Web" has a whiff of "Information Superhighway" or "Series of Tubes" about it. Aside from just wanting to get the details right for the sake of having an informative and accurate documentary, are you concerned at all with upsetting the wrong kinds of people by doing this? After all, the guy behind Silk Road is rumoured to have tried(? ) to have people killed. Our film isn't a Silk Road movie but an exploration of the history and evolution of the Deep Web, as told by its architects. That is the story that I believe matters most:) Are you covering other crypto currencies? Also, I didn't think porn hid on the internet. I am yes. This movie is largely about the crypto-revolution. What are your thoughts on the rather dubious "hired a hitman" charges against DPR (Ross Ulbricht)? Do you think law enforcement used parallel construction to identify the SR server or otherwise make the case against SR/DPR? Looking forward to this documentary, and I'm a huge fan of Bill and Ted! It's a really fascinating case that is unfolding and changing constantly. No one knows the full story at the moment outside of the Feds, and I'm sure they're chasing some crazy leads trying to iron it all out! Hey Alex I was just wondering if you used Silk Road for movie research and what the movie is gonna be about? The site used to pride themselves on anonymity so is it a lot of speculation about what goes on behind the curtain or were you able to actually talk to and interview the people behind the scenes of the website? I didn't use SR for research but am in contact with many people close to the world and story. Can I donate to the Deep Web movie via Bitcoin? I loved the Napster doc, and am super excited for this one, since judging by your prior work I think it will be very high quality. There was no bitcoin address listed on the kickstarter page! Yes Kickstarter does not allow BitCoin pledges. We will have a BitCoin option soon! Bitcoin is seen as a "dirty" term by the media as it usually relates to illicit activities, what could make it a more clean and friendly method of payment to Joe Smith who runs a small florist in a mid size town in Washington? Time. people need to get used to crypto-currency. it's here to stay and perfectly legitimate unto itself. I've always been a fan of Bill and Ted, however this question does not related to your career. You actually grew up next to my Dad (His name is Nick) in St. Louis/Clayton. He said your family loved television, and that he always joked your television might blow up one day. As ridiculous as that sounds apparently it actually happened to you guys one day. So did this actually happen? Is my father a liar? How much television does it take before it explodes? Wow that is some ancient history! Yes when I was five my brother and I got into a fight and someone hit the tv with their body, hard (such is the way of fraternal skirmishes, my bro and I have actually always been super close). We didn't know we had blown some of the electricals inside the TV and the next time it was turned on it exploded into flames (for real! ) and burned the whole house down (totally true story!! ) What are your thoughts on other cryptocurrencies like Litecoin? I think it is early days for crypto-currency and eventually one will rule the roost. Whichever proves to be the most stable, trustworthy and provides the best ease of use. I just hope that it's objective and that it doesn't needlessly throw BitCoin into dis-appeal. I mean, there have been other digital currencies which had been used for drugs, hitmen, child porn, whatever else. Sigh. Just don't slander it, k? <3 I totally agree with you, that's the movie:) Are you worried about how Deep Web will portray bitcoin? Us bitcoin folks are already rather irritated about how much people make the point that bitcoin is used for illegal things, without pointing out that cash is used for the same thing. Oh we are making very very clear all the legitimate uses for Bitcoin. Alex, do you think that Satoshi Nakamoto has any sort of link or relationship to Ross Ulbricht? Yes some people have been saying that. There are other people believed to have created Bitcoin that we are talking to. What are your personal thoughts on the deep web and how it operates? Do you think the bit coin business model is the future of personal commerce? I do yes. Don't you think it is a little early to start writing a story before the truth is completely released? I've been following the take down since day one and there are still so many things that haven't been answered. Absolutely. Our movie is about the Deep Web, it's not a Silk Road movie. What do you think about Silk Road 2. 0 being open? Inevitable. Have you been able to get any key actors in Bitcoin, Silk Road etc to go on the record unanonymously? Dimas HS football rules! Yes we have:) I live in San Dimas. Do you know what you've done to me any time I meet people from out of town? Sorry. truly. We didn't shoot there, we shot it in Phoenix, so I never thought about San Dimas one way or the other. Until many years later I made the mistake of taking my kids to the water park there without thinking about it. Very very very VERY big mistake for "Bill" to waltz into a water park in San Dimas... What do you think George Carlin would have said about Bitcoin and Silk Road? Link to Can you please make sure that bitcoin ends up not getting the image of "crack dollars"? I'd like if people didn't associate bitcoins with just silk road. Agree!! Bill& Ted 3: elaborate please! We have the script and our producing team on board, in finance mode now... :) What is socrates like in real life. A windbag. New Idiot Box sketches on YouTube please. Burrowing Bishop, If I Had My Way, I think everything we shot has made its way up there:) I have yet to ever have a question answered in an AMA, not a question but a simple acknowledgment of my existence would be fantastic. Love BnT BTW. You exist!!! We demand a sequel to Freaked. That is all. Me too! One day... many many eons from now... it will happen... Can you give me 3 words that will best describe the movie to me. Join our Kickstarter! :).

Download Movie Le chant du missouri travel. Download Movie Le chant du missouri στις. Often I'll approach a revisit by addressing my previous complaints and see if my score needs an upgrade (or downgrade. Going back to my old review, one of the first remarks is "the plot is pure fluff. I didn't phrase it as a negative, but it bears looking into anyway. No, there isn't a whole lot of dramatic conflict in the film (the threatened move to New York doesn't occur until more than halfway through) but I don't think that matters. Being based on a series of short autobiographical memoirs, the story naturally has a loose, slices-of-life structure. I guess it is fluff in the sense that it's basically a nostalgia buffet with a thoroughly idealized family, but there is plot there. It's just divided into small chunks.
And that leads to another of my prior nitpicks: the Halloween episode. It's jarring because it seems to come out of nowhere and is focused on a seemingly minor character. This time around I found it utterly charming. Tootie is kind of annoying at times, but not during this part. Margaret O'Brien is even quite good in the role.
My main beef was that there weren't enough songs. In the 50+ minutes between "Trolley Song" pure, exuberant joy) and "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" so gorgeously sorrowful I had to watch it twice) there's only "You and I" to break it up. Now, that's a lovely little tune, but that's a long period with only one song for a musical. But you know, I didn't mind it so much. The songs are magnificent, but there's enough of them in the first half. I enjoy the characters so much that it's okay that the second half isn't much of a musical, focusing more on the wonderful interactions in this family. Terrific performances all around, especially Garland, Bremer and Astor.
I still don't feel quite right bumping this up to "Masterpiece" status, but it's definitely a film I enjoy immensely, and brings some tears to my eyes. Zing zing zing went my heartstrings.

Watch~Meet~Me~in~St.~Louis~full~movie~watch~online~in~hindi…~ Meet Me in St. Louis When} Meet Me in St. tv HBO 2018, TV live steam: Watch online. Meet Me In St Louis Coming to Meet Me In St Louis, we will follow the life of the four Smith daughters learnt lessons of life and love in the year before the 1904 St Louis World's Faireven. Although they prepared for a move to New York. Could they have a happy life? Duration: 113 min Quality: HD Release: 1944 IMDb: 7. 7.

Download Movie Le chant du missouri travel information. Singin' in the Rain is simply a masterpiece. The best movie musical ever made. One of the best movies ever made. And one of the funniest. Hey dude, you down for some lunch today? Want to make sure you're fueled up to finish my audio tool! ;) - Frank. Frank Klepacki in the house! Over 3. 5 hours of his music in End of Nations! Red Alert was my first video game when I was 5 and have addicted since. I probably have played the C&C games 20 times at least. Did you like where Tiberian Twilight took the story of Kane and the Brotherhood of Nod? (i didn't, I was disappointed with whole story getting to Ascension not Ascension itself. Like what happened to the giant Scrin Tower we took in Tiberium Wars? ) Though I did not work on them much at the time, my favorite C&C was Red Alert 1, followed by Red Alert 2. So much fun! Following the fan response, I never played C&C 4. I'm letting my C&C Tiberian universe end with C&C 3. CnC ahh the nostalgia. I spent countless hours playing Renegade online, exploiting all the bugs and what not. Single player was meh but online was super fun even though there were some unbalances here and there. What did you think about Renegade? Do you know why they scrapped Renegade 2? The C&C base battle mode of Renegade online was epic. We all loved that mode, and it was created near the very end. In hindsight, the game should have been all focused around that. We were working on Renegade 2 (I was on the coding team), and were in pre-production for a while. It's was in the Red Alert universe, where you could fly your own Kirov and drop bombs on players on the ground. It looked awesome from the ground point of view. What's up with all of the nostalgia/remakes on kickstarter and everywhere else? Is there anything you would like to remake or upgrade? I'm loving the whole Kickstarter rage and have been backing game projects myself. We've been looking back at a lot of the old classic games we've made and thought about how much fun it would be to remake - either with the original franchise, or something new in the spirit of the original - for PC or iPad. How cool would it to see a Dune 3 old-school RTS, if someone could get the license? Why can't i find Red Alert 3? I love the Red Alert series and I can't find it. I can get every other C&C game I want though. I know that RA3 is downloadable on We, too, are huge fans of C&C. I was the Lead Programmer on C&C3 at Westwood, before the studio closure and the redirection to EALA. Much love for Westwood. C&C games are awesome! My favorite RTS engine! Joe Bostic, co-creator of C&C and Red Alert (with Brett Sperry), is a cofounder of Petroglyph and is the studio's Director of Design. We have a lot of the old Westwood crew here at Petroglyph in Las Vegas. TIL I am an idiot for not looking on Amazon. Thanks for the heads up! I am now downloading it. My "death screams" (tm) are still in Red Alert 3. When somebody gets shot, blown up, or run over, you can hear me screaming. It's carried over from the past C&C games. Also, Frank Klepacki's "Hell March" remake for RA3 is awesome! That's awesome! "Hell March" Rocks! I used to play skirmish against the computer on RA and choose that as the background music. I showed my dad how to play and he would stay up until 3am playing. He is a retired Master Chief. At Westwood, we'd stay up late almost every night playing it, too. I love Tesla Coils! I notice in your pictures on Petroglyph and End of Nations sites you seem to always wear Hawaiian shirts. How many Hawaiian shirts do you own and which one is your favorite? :D. I'd say that I'm wearing tropical shirts 90% of the time that you see me. Today, I'm wearing a Breaking Bad t-shirt. I love the tropical shirts because they are colorful and festive. It's hard to get mad a fat guy in a Hawaiian shirt. :-) One of my favorites is called Rumfellas, because it has parrots on it. I've grown up with birds and still have a feathered family today. We have a sun conure parrot named Nacho, who is hilarious. It's all black (so not your traditional tropical print), so it can also be a little "dressy" for me. Found an image here: Link to Hello. I know you probably get this question a lot, but do you have any tips for anyone aspiring to make games that happen to also be interested in programming professionally? I'm majoring in computer science, and I've always fantasized about kicking the ol' application scene to make games. Absolutely! There has never been a better time for aspiring game developers. With flexible and accessible platforms like Microsoft XNA, Unity, iOS, etc, students and hobbyists can make really cool indie games and learn a ton while doing them. One of our Art Directors, Gary Cox, taught himself to code for iOS and now has multiple self-published iPhone and iPad titles. Feel free to e-mail our contacts page on our site, and they can link your e-mail to me, and I can answer more questions. Happy to help and share what we know. :-) To make a long story short, just jump in and start making stuff. There is tons of great reference online. Start by checking out Microsoft XNA. I'm starting my university degree tomorrow in 3D Game Art & Design so its good to hear that there has never been a better time for aspiring game developers. :) Great to hear! The best thing to do is to also make your own, personal projects. You'll learn tons from it, and they show potential employers a love of the craft (since you are doing things on your own), and that you have some practical experience. Hey Mike - also former Westwoodian here (CM for Emperor, Renegade, plus AP on Renegade 2 before it got shut down). You still building the hot sauce closet of doom over there, or has it finally consumed an entire room? If so, what's the most dangerous thing you've got in there these days? -Cliff. Hey Cliff! I still collect a lot of Blair's ( Link to) stuff. I even have one that is a medicinally sealed vial of pure capsaicin crystals, which is then sealed in one of Blair Lazar's skull bottles, and then sealed with wax. It's 16 million scoville units. My tolerance is still around mid 300K, and I can barely do that. Here's a pic: Link to What are the differences between Vegas Style and Gangnam Style? LOL! This is awesome! We had "Vegas Style" goin' in both Cologne (Gamescom) and Seattle (PAX). Vegas Style is all about wearing some Vegas-inspired clothes (shirts with cards, dice, showgirls, etc) and going for big stage showmanship, and usually ending a demo/presentation with a big explosion. I hate to say it, but I think Gangnam Style has me beat. I have occasional dance-off's with my buddy Eric Cosky, but our urban street dance skills combined still can't touch PSY. He wins! I'll just put this here... Link to. Our next Dance-off is Friday, December 7th. Why did the gaming industry let themselves become run by the suits (those big wigs that only care about profit and not innovation and/or fun)? In most cases, they are funding development, so they have a say in the game that you are making. It's not anyone's intention to "let's not innovate" and "let's not make a fun game", but there are business decisions to be made. If their games fail, their businesses fail. Plus, they are taking a big gamble with their money, because most games never become profitable. Now, if you are spending your own money and self-funding a title, you can be all about innovation and risk. If it pays off (which is rare), then fantastic! Where's our goddamned Empire At War 2!? Get to work! Also, Earth and Beyond was so painfully, criminally underrated. E&B had a lot of loyal fans. I wish EA had given it more of a chance to build a community of players. What did you have to eat today? I bought in 12 dozen Dunkin' donuts to the office this morning - because it's Friday and everyone has been working really hard this week (and always). I had one of the pumpkin spiced ones with a coffee. Their coffee is pretty excellent. Is there anything you ate in particular while making games? For lunch, not sure yet. Maybe Indian? A special snack or something? Oh, to answer the question. For some reason, we we used to always snack on those crunchy wasabi peas. Also, peanut M&Ms. 12 dozen... so 144 donuts? damn. My Facebook post this morning mentions a "gross" of donuts! After this many years in the industry (and many notable releases), what are the things that make you wake up and say, I can't wait to work on/try ___. What's still left unconquered? For me, as a programmer, I'm really intrigued by sandbox / open world games with evolving, adaptive gameplay. Minecraft is utterly inspiring with what players can do with it. Something like that would be a blast to work on! How long was it after learning to program did you venture into programming games? I've been programming web applications and some desktop with Python, Java, PHP and Javascript for a couple years now. I figure it's time to finally pick up one of the C variants and "give it a go". I actually started trying to make my own games in high school - programming in BASIC, Pascal, and 6502 assembly language on the Apple][+. When I started at Westwood in 1986 (during college), everything was either assembly or C (C64, Apple, Mac, Amiga, Atari ST). We then ultimately moved to C++, moved away from hand-written assembly and never looked back. Time to brush up on vectors! (btw, if anyone wants a great math resource check this out) Jump in and have fun! I say give it a go with Unity, Microsoft XNA or Apple iOS. Just start small and simple and work your way up. There are tons of great resources online. Google search is a good friend! What skills is a gaming company like yours looking for when hiring someone for marketing who is aspiring to get into the gaming field? What should I know and what should I be doing right now to to prepare myself to excel at your type of company? For marketing, I'd say that you need to become an expert at the types of games that the company creates. Like, for us, we'd want someone who knows our and other RTS and MOBA games inside and out. Also, have a great grasp at marketing. Often, marketing is entirely handled by the publisher when you are a small or medium-sized developer. As developer's grow (and especially start self-publishing some titles), they start to need to hire marketing people. If you have a marketing background, love games, and can talk about them all day, you've got a great start. I loved so many of the games that Westwood produced. Do you think that there will ever be any new games in the C&C or C&C:RA universes? I would LOVE to see an HD remake of the original C&C games. I hope that more C&C games keep coming! From both the Tiberium and the Red Alert universe. "Kane Lives in Death. " I don't have a question, I just want to say that I grew up on Command and Conquer when it was still a Westwood product, and EA has ruined an amazing series. Ninja Edit: OK, I do have a question: How do you feel about the direction EA is taking with former Westwood properties? For single player, I really enjoyed C&C3. It felt like putting on an old, very comfortable pair of shoes (quote stolen from another player). However, I did not play any multi-player. I also thought they did a pretty good job with RA3, though it seemed to be even more over the top than RA1 and RA2. After hearing fan response to C&C4, I decided not to play it, though I know that the team worked their butts of through intense schedules to get it done. What are your thoughts on the current gaming market in relation to how consoles have effected the PC gaming community? Also, I should walk down the hall and say Hi! :P. I think that with the consoles now feeling quite long in the tooth, PC gaming is more awesome than ever. I put in 100+ hours on Skyrim on my Xbox 360, and then bought for the PC during the holiday Steam sale. When I fired it up (with the higher-res texture mods), I was blown away. I kicked myself for not starting Skyrim on the PC from the beginning. I loved Command & Conquer as a kid! At Westwood, how did you guys come up with the direction for the cutscene acting? I loved how campy and dramatic it was, it felt like a big spoof of "serious" action movies. Brett Sperry, Louis Castle and Joe Kucan were big proponents of doing FMV. What was truly delightful was that the original ones were attempting to be serious, but they ended up being campy, though not by intentional. However, everyone loved it and it worked out great. By Red Alert, they were intentionally more fun and over the top. My office was located right next to the studio (in building 2) where all of the filming (on green screen) and motion capture (Vicon) was done. We had actors hanging around in there all the time - for the C&C and RA games, Blade Runner, Dune 2000, etc. I got to meet everyone, often because they'd stop in my office and hang out. At the age of 5 I received my first Command & Conquer game on an old Sierra Shareware cd, it had Command & Conquer's demo on it. I played it nonstop for months, the same few missions. Finally for Christmas I received the full game and never looked back, playing each sequel since. It may be sad, but I seriously say that when Westwood broke apart it was quite possibly one of the most depressing things I'd ever heard. I loved your games, they inspired me to be an artist, to program, to try to create and work towards my dreams. They taught me to plan, to strategize, and to crush my foes with a heavy handed, tank-riddled assault. I guess as an AMA, I should ask something, so, if I wanted to ever receive your autograph, how could I do it? Would you be willing to get some of the old Westwood guys to sign a poster for me? It would mean the absolute world to me. Absolutely! We can coordinate with Mathew (Berek), our Community Manager. We've got a lot of ol' Westwood peeps here at Petroglyph, and others nearby can be easily wrangled. Have you ever met anyone you didn't like? :) It's quite rare. I always try to see the best in everyone. If you can comment on it, I'd like to hear from your end of the story what happened with the EA acquisition? I'm still bitter about it to this very day. If I recall correctly, we were part of EA for about ~5 years before the Vegas closure and the relocation to EALA and EARS occurred. I have to say that while we were part of EA, they treated us very well. There were a lot of positives, though things started to feel much more "corporate" during the final year. There was a plan to do a mega-studio in Vegas, but when that fell apart, it was decided to move forward with EALA. They treated us well, but it was hard to leave Vegas after we had established so many deep roots over 17 years. Huh, I had heard the reception among Westwood employees was far more sour in comparison. Thanks for answering. Bear in mind that we were part of EA for many years, so everything didn't change over night. It was very gradual. For a long time, nothing felt very different and were were just making games. Now, when we were informed that WS Las Vegas was closing and that we'd have to move if we wanted to stay with the company, that was one of the most traumatic days of my life. We were all very upset at that point. Some people decided to stay with the company and move to LA or Redwood Shores. I also wanted to mention that I really enjoyed C&C Renegade, and used to play it religiously. What ever happened with the sequel that was in development and set in the Red Alert universe? I was pretty amped up for that one. Regarding Renegade 2, we have developed it up to green-light stage, but it never got approved. That was a very sad day, because we were so hyped up about the game. I'm sure that EA was looking at the numbers (Renegade 1 sales), from a business point of view, and had to make a hard decision. Thank you for the insight, the sour response I'd heard about and was referring to stemmed from, as you said, the forced move after the Vegas closure. That was a very dark day. However, if it had never happened, Petroglyph may never have been born. I can't believe that we celebrate 9 years next month. Awesome! I still have my copy of Kyrandia on CD and have been meaning to play through it again. I've been meaning to get my hands on 2 and 3, surprisingly they are on Amazon. Joe Kucan (Kane) did the voice of Brandon, the protagonist, in the Kyrandia games. Brandon was always complaining that his feet hurt from all the walking around. I've been playing CnC Renegade since its release, it's going to be my favorite game of all time. If you had any hand in that one, thank you! Any hope for a sequel, or anything like it in the future? There are some of the Renegade team here at Petroglyph: Greg Hjelstrom, Brian Hayes, Steve Wetherill, Steve Tall, Frank Klepacki, Rich Donnelly, and Demetrius Comes (formerly). That team was epic! I haven't heard any rumors about a sequel, though we had one in development (Red Alert universe). Unfortunately, it never got green-lit. Have you ever looked at the mod for Renegade (A Path Beyond) that turns it into Red Alert 1? It's quite fun, and I think you'd like it. And an RA2 mod is in the works. I'm constantly surprised by all the amazing work that the mod community does. It's always a pleasure to hear about projects like there. Did you ever purchase a game you help created? Why? Usually, we always get complimentary copies (boxed games) and/or digital codes for the games that we work on. Though, one time, I went and bought an old, extra copy of Dune II for the Sega Genesis to give to a friend as a gift. Are you going to continue your program of hiring poor immigrant workers like your sound guy Phranque? Are you talking about the dude from Belthesnia? If he's the dude that does audio in a cape and talks funny with terrible English, then yes. But, he's very good at Magic: The Gathering. Just a quick question. Do you think that there is a future in the smaller game development companies that are located outside of the US? It seems to me to have any real impact, you need to be located in the US and eventually work your way up to the bigger firms. I think that there is no better time than now for smaller, independent developers. There are great, accessible platforms to develop on and it seems that it's never been easier to get your game self-published. These days, it doesn't matter where a developer is located, especially if they have made a great game and can self publish it. However, that said, there are many self-published titles out there, and it's harder to get a game noticed as a standout title. For "traditional" game developers everywhere that need project funding from the start, it seems to be even more challenging to acquire start-up funding for development. As a fellow game developer, what is you're favorite part about being one? For me, my biggest enjoyment is the office of very smart and talented people that I get to work with every day. Being able to spend the day working with these guys (and gals) is always an inspiration, and constantly reminds me how much more cool stuff there is to learn. I also really enjoy the days where I can spend the entire day programming. It never gets old. As of late, I've done tons of coding in C++. Recently I got a taste of some Python scripting, and also started doing some tool work in C#. I'm hooked! Who inspired you more Will Wright or Gary Busey? Will Wright's talks are always awesome when you can catch one at a GDC or something. I loved his idea of having a busy box of stuff on a conference room table for meetings - filled with odd things to play with - springs, gears, puzzles, Legos, silly putty etc. Apparently, playing with these while having discussions stimulates brain activity for creative thought. We have a big jar of PixelBlocks in our big conference room. Do you think with the success of Minecraft and retro games in general that voxels could make a comeback? Yes, indeed! I personally love "pixelized" art coupled with bright colors. I remember on the C&C series, we had the "MegaVoxel" technology. With modern day graphic hardware technology allowing for such high-end graphics (and realism), I hope that we see more stylized graphics - like they do in Borderlands, Dungeon Defenders, Jet Set Radio, BF Heros, etc. The big pixel style of Minecraft works great for me, too! That's pretty awesome and sweet to hear that you like working with your fellow colleagues! I really like working with like minded individuals when I go to the GDC, and other game meetups. C++ is my favorite language, but lately I've picked up Objective-C (which isn't too different). I really enjoy C++, too, though not a big fan over overuse of templates. C# has been really fun for tools since the Windows GUI is so simple to implement. It's also great how the IDE (and my favorite editor, SlickEdit) auto-fill in the member variables and functions for you. Yeah, I hear yah. I've only dived a little into C# through XNA, but it's a fairly nice language from what I can tell. I can't wait to start working on an Xbox game using C# for Xna in my sparetime. So cool that you can develop your own homebrew Xbox games with a PC and and Xbox 360 over a home network. We never were able to do that when we were kids. I don't recall which came first; but what are/were your thoughts/feelings towards the Total Annihilation title? Are you talking about the Planetary Annihilation that just got funded on Kickstarter? I think it looks awesome, and I'm already a backer for it. The guys at Uber Entertainment are a very talented crew and just a solid group of dudes. I think it's going to be great. Also, love the art style. Yeah, it's going to be interesting to see the game industry in 20 years. One thing about the game industry. It is ALWAYS changing. There is never a dull moment. Especially now with digital distribution, dedicated online, free-to-play, tablets, mobile, browser, Kickstarter funding... Apologies; I was speaking more from the 90's; Here's the wiki of the game i was speaking of; Link to I will however take a look at the one you mentioned; i hadn't heard of it until now lol! ty! Ah yes! Chris Taylor's Total Annihilation from Cavedog. There are many fans of Chris and TA here in the Petroglyph offices! Speaking of Westwood, what do you think of EA and what they are doing with Command & Conquer (F2P)? I haven't seen anything yet except for bits that have been on the Internet. I was surprised that we did not see Generals II at E3, Gamescom or PAX. Or, if it was shown, I missed it. I'm looking forward to seeing what they do. When you're wranglin' donuts, Krispy Kreme, Dunkin' Donuts or a local shop? Edit: Nevermind. Looks like you answered elsewhere. Acutally, Krispy Kreme, Dunkin', and Dee's Donuts since they are all in close range. I also bring in Einstein Brother's bagels, too. They look like donuts and you can pour sugar on them (j/k). Have you started that Pathfinder campaign yet? :) Got the basic set and now we're trying to figure out a twice-a-month play schedule. Was heading toward D&D 4th Edition, but seems unanimous to go the Pathfinder Route. Both are solid, and 4e is great for new players. Yep, but I'm so comfortable with D&D 3rd / 3. 5. At PAX they were talking about 5th edition on the horizon. Gonna stick with Pathfinder and all the goodness that I know from 3rd. How does EoN compare to animal crossing for the nintendo DS? *This is a serious question, no Tom Nook Joke please. Sorry to say that I have not had the opportunity to play Animal Crossing on the DS. Hey! i'm pretty sure that guy was smokin' hooter. what do you think? Does the have anything to do with the Stripper, the Fight, and the Bald Guy? Pancakes or waffles? Lately it's been waffles. With peanut butter and maple syrup. That's right! we were late for class because you had a problem with the linker... Abraham Linker? Is Tony Basch still hitting on that hostess at Tony Roma's? BTW, I always ask for a bacon mocha at Starbuck's, and love getting the confused looks, and I usually convince at least one employee that they at one time made a bacon mocha. -Fisk. As of earlier this week, it was BJ's Brewhouse. :-) Do you remember my cousin, David Fisk? He is unforgettable! I love that guy! Ha, he certainly is unforgettable. You guys are in Vegas right? I was staying at MGM one time and he showed up to dinner at one of the fancy-ish restaurants wearing an tshirt similar to 3-wolf-moon, jeans and his motorcycle helmet. Like on his head. In the restaurant. LOL! He is honestly one of the funniest guys I've ever met, even when he's being brutally honest about something. Lunches with him were always filled with laughter. I now have a t-shirt that says "relax, I'm hilarious". is Dave by the way. Still love the Zach Galifianakis + Baby one! One of the best game tunes, ever. Red Alert just had some of the best music full stop. CVG ranked it #7 in the top 100 best video game scores of all time... Link to Your logo proved to be deceptively difficult to lase. But I did my best. Click me. Dude! That rocks! If you'd like it, just PM me a mailing address. Will do! :-) If you had anything to do with Red Alert or Red Alert 2, I just want to say thank you! Big props to Joe and Brett for the Red Alert franchise. It was originally going to be an expansion to C&C and then it took on a life of it's own, and became it's own game. RA is my favorite of all of them, with all the "weird science" and great story. Some of my code is in both of those games. Also my death screams. My wife, Maria del Mar, wrote the fancy installers (with graphics and audio) for them. Joe "Kane" Kucan (who I went to high school with) did a fantastic job directing the actors for the FMV in them, too. Great stuff! I just want to echo bluesman's sentiment with a great big thanks! Red Alert was my first RTS and still something I look back on fondly. You and everyone else at Westwood helped make that happen. Thank you! So happy that it made so many others happy... I've always had Tesla as my user name ever since playing Red Alert. Later I found out about Nikola Tesla. We had these local guys here in Vegas that would build full-size tesla coils, and some of the WS team would go out and "play" with them. Legend of Kyrandia One of the BEST GAMES EVER! So much fun to make! Very inspired by LucasArts with Monkey Island and Fate of Atlantis. The late, great Rick Parks and the art team made that game look so beautiful. We used to have very small teams back in those days - so I got to work as Designer and also as Programmer. Thankfully, Scott Bowen was brought on near the end to help me script the scenes, and eventually Mike Grayford came on full-time to also help code K2, K3, Blade Runner, etc. That game is responsible for showing me so much about what computers and games are capable off. It was the first game to truly engross me and keep me interested in the world and what I was doing. The puzzles also opened my eyes to less than obvious lines of reasoning and ways to approach problems. Cool! We'd always start from the end of a chapter, and work backwards. We'd figure out the final puzzle for the chapter, and then work out the puzzles that would come before them, etc. Like a "reverse tree". When you'd start a chapter, there would be a lot of branches to follow that would all lead to the end. If that makes any sense. Just wanted to chime in that I was disappointed that Universe at War didn't take off as much as I would have liked. It seemed like a fun game and the PC vs Xbox thing was pretty novel. We were really happy with it, especially with how different the 3 factions were and how they played. In mid-development, we heard about C&C3 being announced, and the publisher pulled our human faction with concerns that it may be too much like C&C3. I wish that we had been able to stick with the Humans vs. Aliens that was the original concept. In hindsight, we probably should have avoided the whole "Games for Windows" thing, since it completely under-delivered on it's promises, and PC online players were not fond of it at all. We also put a ton of work into the technology getting the PC and Xbox 360 games to play together (in synch), but at the end of the day, no one really cared. I think we would have been better off making a PC and console version that were great on their own, and did not have to have interconnected play. Please fill in the blanks. "Girl ___ ___ ___ ___" "Man ___" "Toilet no flush, ___" "Girl, you know it's true. " "Man up! " "Toilet, no flush? Impossible! " Correct. Mike Legg verification approved. :-D. I still have my beta invite letter from Renegade, back when I got that letter in the mail (actual mail, not email) I was a happy kid. I miss Westwood. I bet that it was sent to you from Ted "Virtual Ted" Morris, who handled Westwood Online and Community. He's now the Senior Producer on End of Nations (and has been since the project began).

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